“The stripes in the carpet connect the people who are working.”

WTconnect is a flexible “office space on call” work principle in the Beurs-World Trade Center in Rotterdam. The WTconnect project originated due to the empty space in the lower levers of the WTC in Rotterdam. Working together with WTconnect and the management of the WTC Rotterdam, Flex Projects collaborated in the development and décor of this innovative workspace. WTC Rotterdam is a pilot project for the flex-workplace philosophy which can be further implemented in all of the WTC locations in the future.

This project was executed in conjunction with C4ID architects.
Peter Claassen: “The particular details of this project are best seen in the balcony of the Atrium, in the rounded counter where you can find the C from WTconnect and in the connecting lines in the carpet. They are meant to unite people who are working.”